Okay—is everything coming through on this?
Okay. Are we sounding cool? Is it too hot? Too cold?
Am I too hot or too cold?
Am I coming through nice and sexy-like?
Oh, g—
Right to your left.[?]
They—they have a super-fancy boardroom .
Yeah—it had, like, leather seats and everything.
twenty-four hours
I was pretty
I was pretty happy with my performance. I hadn't played Street Fighter IV in a while.
Well, I didn't—I didn't play David Cabrera. Purposely.
Actually, Erin— I have the text message right here: she said Don't show up.
She said Do not show up; there's too many people here.
Yeah, she doesn't want to deal with me and my Africanness there, so. . . .
I always wonder about those
I—I always wonder about those programs that you're supposed to buy in order to pirate more programs.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
And we weren't invited?
not invite us again?
Yeah, we're going to have our own chicken and waffles.
Oh, I like that.
And if you come we'll take you to the best chicken-and-waffles place ever in Atlanta if you guys ever come.
No, it's— Abdullah the Butcher's Hou
We have been there many times.
It's also
It's also—it's run by the wrestler and it was amazing. We went there with a friend of ours who has got major, like, neck problems; he broke his neck. And we took photographs with him and he was the only guy that Abdullah the Butcher put in a headlock. He grabbed him and almost killed him.
HIV. . . ?! What's—what sort of—what's his special move in the ring?
Into the
But he didn't die from cancer so it's a happy
No, he died—he died of cement! He was allergic to cement!
Considering the rest of anime that was pretty vague.
It's nonexistent.
Yeeeahh. . . .
They're in front of me.
And that it was a million . . . like, a million
Oh, yes.
Yeah—didn't work.
facial expression!
Mmmn. . . .
I'm also slightly surprised that the—th—the PredAlien had that much chain in order to tie Sleepy to his—to the
Oh, yes.[?]
Yeah . . . black Sakura and. . . .
Black Madoka. . . .
Th—th— When the—when the manga end the—the universe will end. Like, the guy just
Just. . . . Mm.
Or maybe it was conveniently—maybe it was just conveniently her job. And she
That's her second job: it's New York.
Just make it three.
Has any—has any waitress ever dressed like that in all of New York ever?
Yes. Possibly.
They've broken the glasses for the night so. . . .
Man, she just didn't care this episode.
Ohh. . . .
that was going to be a problem?
No, no—just innocent cops that are now fatherless.
Was his
And why they gave it to her. . . . I guess it has to be operated by a gymnast.
If you can count change that's enough, too.
It's like that jackhammer with the scope on it that we saw.
Oahh. . . . That
I—I would agree.
Uahhh . . . but that was, uh, that was weird.
Unless it's—unless it's Ninja Resurrection.
the finger walks across the stage.
But here's the thing:
considering how often Sleepy's been shot and they were given Derringers? Like, he would have to get hit by a shotgun.
Yeah, watch. [?]
So. . . .
I would have loved, too, if she were given a rocket launcher.
Uh, yeah.
I thought Sleepy would shove him in a corner and force him to watch while he's weeping.
Well, and — Or to put your—or to put thei—your finger up their ass.
But[?] to pull it full-circle, so.
I really—yeah—I really wish they had done a chapter of the shotgun-cats.
I know.
Ah, we gotta do a Kickstarter for this.
There's some excellent animation at the beginning for some weird reason.
Yes. Yes. Completely.
I think it's the animator
Well, the—the— Well, the animator probably, like—they took a long time to come up with this show so the animator probably, like, got himself together and started animating really well and then realized what he was animating and
Mad Bull? Yeah.
Did you
Did you ever see, like, the long trailer that Manga used to have where they showed Mad Bull?
But I think that one was given away what KMFDM ; I don't know.
Came—came out with the—with the Ghost in the Shell VHS. I remember that.
He just got Daizaburō to do it and Daizaburō just forgot. He just
No, no—he forgot about it. He just tried to wash it from his memory.
And his—his dick is a—a laser rifle.
I'm perfectly synchronized.
and I just wanted to know
It's, like, put it right here. . . .
What does it look like—what does it look like when we're—when we're far away like this but still trying to speak into that mic?
Is that too quiet? Do I need to project?
Oh, so—it's the bottom one? That wavelength—that waveform looks kind of tiny but that might just be the—the zoom.
If I actually hold it like this. . . . Well, I mean, that looks more similar. So we might just have to, like, share.
This is, like, a room. Oh, yeah—th—we could make this work.
Secret interview[?]. . . . They don't—I mean, they probably don't even have any interviews at this point. Right? All the guests are drunk or halfway to Tokyo.
I might just stand in here screaming. That was my plan.
That we didn't get for this?
Are you going to get closer to this—this direction?
Yeah. Well, since you turned on Street Fighter and I was actually playing it. . . .
Shut up. Shut up. Just shut up.
You wanted to play Virtual On but you had sticks. Who's gonna play Virtual On on an arcade stick?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can you play DDR on track and field ?
All right: we gotta get down to the matter at hand.
We've hit our limit. Spankminister, his wife, and their friend are here. We've hit our quota.
Afrikaans? Afrikaaner?
Mrs. Spankminister?
No, that's not that crazy.
Maybe that's, like, an XP problem, Daryl. Maybe you need to upgrade.
Why would you?
Yeah. . . . The irony of this I hope is not lost on you guys when you're producing this BitTorrent client you want me to pay for. Even though it's— There's free clients. Like, it allows you to do it with free clients. I don't know what they would give you that would make it worth paying for.
In my heart you were invited. However, my heart is not my phone. So I can't prove that.
It's not far from here. And it's pretty good food.
Like, ten dollars.
The House of Ribs and Chinese Food? Is that the name of the restaurant?
That's even better.
Ohhhhh—that's great. Is it also a liquor store?
I'm just asking.
if shotguns operate under Mad Bull physical principles then it most certainly would.
So Mad BullMad Bull 3 was sort of stereotypically crazy for Mad Bull. But Mad Bull 4 is diagnosably crazy in the rest of the world. Like, that's—that's—that's like, DSM stuff you can apply. . . .
Love is the only way we can stop the PredatorAlien robot knockoff machine.
Yeah. Not the—not the—that one. Yeah.
Ohh, man.
But yeah: so
Ohhh. . . .
Why did Ripley end up on the prison planet? I don't even remember that.
Oh, that's right. That's right.
Mad Bull 34?
You don't understand why?
It's a lengthy exposition.
The crazy—you have to, like, diagram— So the—the reason that she's killing the cops—supposedly—is that, uh, they sold out her dirty cop-brother. But the really convoluted piece of it is her brother's motivations for being a dirty cop.
So he's in the mafia's pocket because he has cancer and he needs to pay for his treatment. But wait—he wasn't paying for his cancer treatment; he was paying to pay for his sister's athletic training.
No, but
I didn't think he had cancer!
That can't—that can't be true!
He died from bullets.
There's a little bit of cancer on that bullet that passed through him.
before he went into dealing with the mafia.
[The?] only weakness is several blows to the head.
Oh, yeah—yeah.
But it's, like, it's more twisted than that. 'Cause there's also, like, some weird, uh, incestual
vaguely? Vaguely on the face of it
Oh, I get. . . . Maybe the rest of anime you
Yeah—Koi— On the Koi Kaze scale it is vague.
Because there's only, like, fantasies about your brother while having sex with another man. So it's not, like, exactly incestual but it's sort of like— It's like
It's kind of like Japanese incest in that there's a component of ancestor-worship in it. You know: I wanna have sex with my ghost—my dead ghost-brother.
And, ah, at least in the Mad Bull. . . . That—that is true.
Oh, he kills everybody else. Which is why I think they fall in love. I mean, that's what really brings these two together.
Are you sure? Let's say there are three specific reasons you can kill somebody: you don't like them,
they're—they're—they're, like, a roboCuban, or they're wearing a hockey mask. If any of those, like, things happen just blow their heads off.
Well, I mean, they got to the end and they had all that extra space for the headline. You can't leave blank space the page. So what do you do? Exclamation points.
Well, I was always, like, Why do you even need to provoke the guy in a robot suit that is trying to kill all police officers?
Doesn't it. . . . It seems like. . . . You could. . . .
Ohh. . . . Those poor policemen.
Oh, yeah: that must have been terrible.
It doesn't count as blue balls
Ahh, I was anticipating something like that.
Yeah, like— hang around—like, This is so boring.
Gettin' that red meat!
Orgasmic! Then it goes back to Sleepy.
This was one of the most graphic—the most graphic description of sex, even, in a Mad Bull episode 'cause most of the time it's just, like, sort of that weird writhing that they do or, like, try to animate poorly in this show and then Sleepy with his cap—his hat on. 'Cause, you know, safety first: always cap it. —Meaning your head, not your penis, because you don't want to ruin the feeling.
But yeah. Oh, my gosh.
To say— Oh, yeah.
Yeah, they probably did ad-lib it.
It's like, Hey, you—what would you say to a woman that you are having sex out of wedlock with. Hmm. I don't know.
I don't know. I don't think you— I don't know. I was wondering when that happened. It's, like, Are you just saying that to make her feel better, Sleepy? 'Cause she's a prostitute.
I'm loo—I'm looking for the side. Have to hold it up.
It's a re—it's a res—
It's a resilient part of the female anatomy.
I couldn't believe Sleepy didn't manage to murder the roboPredator— I couldn't believe that he, uh, Sleepy could —Sleepy didn't manage to murder the roboPredator for having interrupted his coitus. It's, like, I mean, I normally pull out 'cause I don't want these girls to get pregnant but this is way too early!
Oh, yeah!
Yeah. Well, that's later on. That—that—
No: sister.
Nuh, there's a differe—I think there's a different transgressive when daughter . Yeah. But either way. Either way.
No way, dude.
Not preferable to two? In—in surveys ninety-five percent of Americans say they prefer two arms to one. The other five percent are idiots.
Ohhh. . . .
No, those are braids.
Yeah, she's hot.
I mean, I guess that—that's a hard row to hoe.
Oh, that's true.
Oh, you mean like opposed to Raven-lombotomy.
Whatever. How long has Berserk been out?
You can't spoil[?] Berserk because the end of that show doesn't make any sense. You could, like— It's like describing The Face of the Void to somebody. Like,
Yeah—I never really understood that whole— You've got a robot suit that's bulletproof, has the Predator shoulder cannon—it's actually like a shoulder laser so it's more powerful than the Predator weapon—and, like, claws that cut through everything. Why do you need a truck full of inflammable liquid to, like, finish[?] the deal?
It's, like, This—this suit is incomplete. We didn't finish the, you know, the final part of the design, which was a truck to encompass the suit.
Well, I mean
And also that—that fuels— Her hate is, like, filled with self-loathing. . . .
Her brother spent all this money and his life, essentially, to make her a great gymnast and now all she does is drive trucks for a living so he .
Oh, my—yeah.
If you were having a conversation and each person involved with it shatters a glass that they're holding that's probably a rough conversation. Like, what could that possibly be about? What was the revelation that shattered the first glass and then the subsequent revelation that made the second person shatter their glass?
Well, I will have sex with—with one : an AlienPredator robot. Put the suit on.
I imagine that it probably has happened. I mean, I know that's crazy but. . . . Yeah.
There's this restaurant in Philly called
Well, there's a restaurant called The Fox and the Hound, uh, in King of Prussia, which is just, like, a stupid sports bar. And I went there with the guys from work and, like, all the waitresses were dressed similarly inappropriately. Like, not to the degree of frills and stuff but it was
I was expecting a good family-friendly story about friendsh—story about friendship and, you know, overcoming adversities.
Ohh, yeah.
Well, I mean, would you mess with Sleepy Estes? That guy is, like, nine feet tall.
It's, like, a bunch of people just finished their drinks and put their hats on and shuffle out after that. It's, like, Well, good evening.
Yeah, that would've been interesting.
Is that
She just gave up . Well, like, at this point she probably heard her performance on the previous three episodes 'cause, like, at some point you get a chance to review. . . . And they're, like, Just do whatever you're going to do. We don't even care.
We can't have the Japanese animators re—animators recreate a scene in which you have some kind of vocal surgery to explain why we hired a different voice actress. So it's too late.
The flag is talking to Daizaburō. Union Jack.
Get that polyp removed.
I don't know why you would send Sleepy Estes to stop the killing of anything. I mean, you might as well just tell, like, Sleepy, I command you to murder the murderers.
I don't know, Chief.
Well, if we burn all the fuel rather quickly the fire will go out so that's essentially his philosophy. If I kill everybody in New York there'll be no one to murder.
Yeah. Exactly.
Stabs herself.
What I never really figured out was why the mafia was financing the production of the PredAlien suit in the first place. I mean, that's the other—that's the other weird part of this.
So, like, well, the—the—the—the mafia murders her brother and then hires her. Like, they don't
They empower her with a robot suit capable of murdering all of—  Like, you guys really should have thought that through.
Yeah, like, that should've been—that should've been the fitting. Like, as soon as you, like, put it on. It's, like, Okay, move around a little. How do you feel?. . . . It's, like, Wait! Wait! Wait!
Well, I mean, they did fi—she—they did make her fill out a rather extensive conflict-of-interest form and she did not indicate on there that she, you know, was a relative of someone the mafia had murdered.
It's, like, the first question: Are you related to or have business with anyone you
Welcome to da mafia. Heah's yah robot soot.
Oh, no! We made it too bulletproof!
Did anybody think of fire? Like, yeah, if your hair is hanging out the back it's at least going to be really bad if it gets lit on fire. Maybe bad enough that you might take the helmet off.
They should laser cannon!
a laser cannon! Why don't you hook one of your guys up with that?
Aohhh, yeah. . . .
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Only one of them counts as a gymnast. And that's only because she's an aerobics instructor.
Ah, owner–proprietor of lingerie stores. . . .
I don't think being counts as
She—she's an aerobics instructor; that doesn't count as gymnastics.
It's— Oh, you can do jumping jacks? Close enough.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
He did get his comeuppance! His whole team got murdered! I mean, in—in Red B—I understand that in Mad Bull—not Red Bull—in Mad Bull, uh, nobody cares about anybody else ever. But still! Like, he was clearly proven wrong. At least his pride was hurt. If not his heart because he doesn't have one.
We might hit him. You might hit him? It's a rocket! You can miss completely!
Don't worry; I got this. I'm going to get within mêlée range with my shovel. I don't think you—  You're the worst SWAT team ever, ever. But don't we have snipers? No. This is the rocket-launcher SWAT Team. It's, like, Yeah, but we could still have snipers. Yeah, the snipers are equipped with rocket launchers with telescopic scopes. Like, hit rooms with rockets from really far away. I don't know.
is standing there, completely unaware. —Jackhammer assassin!
Oh, yeah—he can decapitate somebody with a shotgun.
Well, that's—and that's where this show goes off the deep end.
That— No, but— That's just—that's Mad Bull.
Last— The episode before this we had a cult. Before he had to, like, fight four girls all loved the same guy and kissed him good-bye. They're, like, We love you!
We love you, Lu-bu!
Oahhhh. . . .
And this is—and this is how crazy this gets. So each time, like. . . . I thought I knew how crazy this show was gonna be.
That's why I kept on saying to Daryl—I'm, like, Is he going to have sex with her on the altar?
Well, when they went into the church everything screamed Wicked City. So, I mean, I knew that somebody was going to get boned in that church.
Ohhhh, psychic demon-baby gonna save the world.
Oh, but yeah.
No, the only way to stop the killings is to get married in a double-suicide like crazy people!
Bu—bu—I'm—I'm waiting for, like, Daizaburō to, like, reach under the seat of the cruiser and realize that Sleepy has been off his meds for the past three days. like, Oh, my god!
Perine, Sleepy hasn't been taking his meds! My word, Daizaburō!
As a police officer.
You're the cap—you're the captain of this church?
That's what I was, like—!
A Derringer— If you shot me in the chest with a Derringer I might survive. It's less than a .22! It's like shooting somebody with a BB gun!
It—it's, like, you know, We're gonna double-suicide. I'm, like, That is a trap! Don't do it, lady! He's setting you up.
When I saw those two Derringers that's what I thought; I was, like, The other gun's not loaded! He's just gonna shoot her!
Don't worry: I love you. At the last second. . . .
Oh, in—in Perine's defense she's from—she's from a place that respects the propriety of an individual's relationship so she couldn't impede on that. It's like, you know—she's, like, No, this is as, you know, as sacred as tea at three. I can't [get between this?] love. She's in—she's in the back making cucumber sandwiches for the reception. Or the funeral; I don't know—either one.
the double suicides they both, like, kneel down.
I love you! Kabooom!
Paint the target.
Yes—take my pen—put my penis where it lived: inside a prostitute.
'cause, like, the hooker shows up for the, like, the injury she shus—she sustained during the battery and they're, like, We only treat STDs here.
I mean, I really—I really thought—I really thought after the last episode where he, like, fake-rapes a girl 'cause he's not good enough for her that he couldn't do anything more insane.
glossed over that.
dance the vampire bund. . . .
You need to be more like my brother for this postcoital cuddling.
It's, like, this have sex again. Do you know why we're doing this?
He's, like, outside the window looking in. Oh, no, Sleepy!
I think this is some pretty messed-up stuff!
At this point I think that Daizaburō should never take relationship advice from Sleepy because his solution to being in love with somebody is to kill them immediately.
Then you can never leave me!
Oh, my gosh. Mad Bull is
Yeah. Yeah. It was, uh. . . . This was quite a trip.
When did it begin?
With a pool table! It's, like, oh, man.
I needed to wash my soul.
I spent a year in silence with French monks in Algeria.
Which is probably
Well, that isn't the story with all of them. There'll be, like, you know, Sleepy in his rage is, like, really extremely animated but then you go to the chief and his mouth is .
He's, like, furious. Like, there's no change in tone. He just talks faster and they, like, kind of turn up the volume. It's like he's—a guy in another room was yelling at someone and they just recorded the random things he was saying. This is a goldmine; look at this guy.
No, like, no—they kept on having to change. And it kept on getting worse as, like, the story of Mad Bull spread throughout the animator community. It's, like, Did you see what happened to Gary[?]? That guy hasn't been out of his house in weeks! He just keeps shivering in the bed!
Yeah—he just keeps on saying Daizaburō faintly; it's—it's weird.
Yeah. We had watched that before.
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, that—'cause that—that was the same trailer I was making fun of Al Mendez because you could identify the shower scene. 'Cause it was in the same, like, trailer reel.
Uuuhhhh. . . . I think it was KMFDM. I mean, they really—it was the sa—there was definitely two trailers and they different music but the one that I remember was KMFDM.
I remember seeing it and was, like, Was that. . . ? Is he a mutant?
Seriously, the first time I thought—I was, like, How would you walk around like that? Like, how would you even get your pants on? Like, seriously? Like, no matter how big your junk is? grenades?
Well, it's, like, to like— How do you attach them? Like, you just tie them onto your pubes?
Those[?] tweezers and, like, he had one of those, like, soldering, like, extra hands to help him, like, kind of, like, on a stool in front.
He's, like, Don't worry—just do it. I've got a plan. He's, like, I've got a duffel bag! I'm. . . .
Daizaburō, if I could put them into a sack it would be my testicles.
Ohhhhh. . . .
He just rips off one of his nuts and throws it a guy and it explodes?
Yeah—seriously. There you go.
Those hairs actually grow out of his prostate up through his lip.
Yeah. We gotta. . . . I gotta hustle.
No—I think it would have been really funny but we should have done with that is, ah, we should have all synchronous. No. And then, like, leave, like, five minutes of audio and then just at the end. And then it's just dead. But it's too late. I have to go make sure I catch a train to Philadelphia. Because it would be not actually that bad if I missed it but I don't want to negotiate with Amtrak.
That would be nice. But the Ac— Gah—I ca— The Acela costs so much.
No, I'm taking the 303. It's just a regular old train.
So we need to go 'cause you have my microphone.
Yeah, 'cause we just
You're just sittin' here at this table? Just sittin' here at this table. With your—you know—drawing stuff on our—a really expensive tablecloth.
It's coming through. But, you know, it's kinda low.
Ye—yeah—we're—we're just making sure everything's plugged in at the moment.
No, you're just coming through like normal.
All right. Let me—let me jack up this volume. . . .
All right. It
All right.
It comes through
It's the bottom one.
It—it—it is kinda tiny 'cause this is how it looks when I talk into this one.
Yeah—there's—there's pitchers.
We got dinner mints. . . .
Pretty much done.
Yeah, like, they basically said they were doing an interview in the Reel Room from 1:00 to, like, you know, 1:20 or whatever. But they said Hey, you know what—just go and do it in that room and as long as you don't make too much noise until after 1:20. It's, like, That's fine with me. This doesn't start until afterwards.
Making no guarantees.
All right.
Oh, yeah. That was The Boar— It was called The Boardroom. That was what I was trying to sign out.
Yeah, I'm gonna— I'm going to sit by you.
We could record at four in the morning.
Not that I would've . . . because. . . .
And then it was, like, Oh. . . .
You could play Virtual On, you know, and use the stick and then just use the buttons to simulate the second stick. That works every time. It's like DDR.
Yeah, he was, like, the stand-in Spankminister.
Was he—was he there? Was he tearing it up, Chun Li-style?
You know who you didn't beat in at least one match. That's right: me, baby.
I showed up late. I haven't played Street Fighter in over a year.
No, the matter at hand is the smoked meats that you guys were eating without us.
Where was it?
She said Don't show up 'cause
What she really meant is, you know, there's too many non-whites.
Did you say Spankminister and his wife?
Oh, okay. I just wanted to make sure.
Mrs. Spanks. . . .
Oh, wow.
Tell you what's really going to screw it up is when Audacity decides to just screw things up and start turning to static.
All right. We got the backup.
That was—that was Double Impact, I think. I think Barbara Stanwyck might. . . . What if Jean-Claude Van Damme was Barbara Stanwyck?
Mmm. Ah, whatever. I—it's working right now.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, I stole Windows 7. Just
Is o—operating systems and Photoshop.
I think about ten copies of mIRC have been registered in the course of that program's history.
It's, like, Please pay for, you know, the latest BitTorrent client.
So how 'bout this Otakons. Like, wh—what'd you guys end up doing while we were off, you know, rubbing shoulders with the Real Deals?
Oh, wait—there was chicken and waffles around here?
Chicken and waffles and smoked meats?
Maybe we should go after.
I don't know. Chicken and waffles sounds
That is pretty mad. Pretty mad-cheap.
No, the place—the place to go to Atlanta is really the House of Ribs and Chinese Food.
It's called Abdullah the Butcher's House of Ribs and Chinese Food.
That's just racist.
It's hepatitis C, specifically.
On—on— Yeah.
Right. And then. . . .
Yup. I spread that around on Twitter.
Superstar Billy Graham. He knows now.
But, you know, what're we talking about. For real.
Mad Bill?
Who's Bill?
Ball—Bull—Bulle—Bullet Bill?
So, like,
So—so is
So the father, Mad Bull, would have the shotgun that would then fire his son, you know, Bullet Bill, out
All right.
All right. So we got to get this out of the way. Is, uh. . . . In this. . . . In your hearts did this surpass the third episode?
And it wasn't a game. It was—it was genuine.
Listen, all I understand is that the Zhou Yu Meng never fail. Is only one reason for killer to fuck up: when you care too much for own miserable life. Zhou Yu Meng no care for their life so never fuck up.
I wish I was a member of the Zhou Yu Meng.
The PredatorAlien
Not the PredAlien as designed in Alien vs. Predator 2.
It was a different one.
Charles S. Dutton at the very last shot of the movie getting pulled in to make sure that
All the characters who mattered. It's, like, Oh, by the way. . . . Didn't
is killing cops.
And I don't understand why. I think it's, like,
No, I understand why. But it's—it's the most te—it's the most tenuous justification for killing cops I've heard in a while.
But also. . . .
What costs more? You
He did.
And you have to choose. . . .
You have to choose between either getting your cancer operations or gymnastics classes; they cost roughly the same amount.
He died from catastrophic allergy to bullets.
That's right.
It was like—it's like that movie, Anti-trust, where they look up the guy's file:
Catastrophically-allergic to bees. And the other guy gets beaten to death with a bat and they look up his file: Catastrophically-allergic to bat.
So, yeah. . . . That—that's why she doesn't like the police—is because they sold out, you know, the corrupt brother and then didn't help her.
vaguely incestuous
Yeah, vaguely. I didn't see the dick.
I've listened to your podcast; I understand what Koi Kaze is about.
Put on the holster.
United by their bloodlust for killing. Even though John Sleepy Estes is very impassioned—like, You can't just kill people for no reason!
Yeah, but other than that, like, I—I was not expecting the media war that, you know, broke out between, ah, you know
Yeah, well, you know, that's the newspapers in New York. They're just out for tabloids and sales.
What—how he would write: Send you to Hell! Your friend, Sleepy.
And the robot guy would come to you.
The—I think the reason is that he didn't want the robot to interrupt him while he was banging another hooker.
I thought he was going to dive out the window naked, gun in hand.
Buttoning up his shirt; making sure the badge is on in the exact right spot.
Well, what do you prefer? It's, like, Hey, Daizaburō, come on in here. Pull up a chair.
It's like—it's like the documentaries on porn. It's, like, you know
He already tried to get him to do that in the first episode.
Sleepy, no!
But, you know, they could've had some shots of Daizaburō over at the catering wagon getting him some celery sticks and carrots and meanwhile in the next room, you know, Sleepy's just hammering away. . . .
These Oreo Cakesters are delicious! Oh, my god—forty grams of fat!
Nnneeeerrgghhhh. . . .
He's gotta kee—he's a cop. . . .
I think they just said Ad-lib.
Ae'mn gonna fill you up. . . . Rrrrrrrnnnnnnn. . . .
Ngheeh. . . .
Would her feelings be hurt if it's, like, Man, this pussy's a cavernous vag! I can't believe it! Get some kegels!
We know it can pass a baby. But can it pass John Sleepy Estes?
I—I really think that the best part is the fact that the NYPD happens to own an Aliens power loader.
is due to the Wayland-Yutani Corporation.
Sister. If it was daughter. . . . That would be vaguely appropiate . . . if it was daughter.
Yeah, th—w—we need to, like, start promoting her more; that way black people have someone else to cosplay as 'cause it's always, like, an eternal problem.
Or a hard ho to row as the case may be.
I—I would—I would welcome that. But they'd all be retard Casca.
Thirty billion years.
There's going to be, like, no more IDOLM@STER.
So the thing I don't get is, like, whenever there's a serial killer on the loose the—the tabloid media just decide to cover it like it's a sporting event and they don't even have the decency to tell the cops that, hey, there appears to be a eighteen-wheeler filled with jet fuels headed your way. 'Cause they're in a helicopter orbiting the city. The cops don't think to—I don't know. . . .
Jet fuels.
To drive around in jet-fuel
Wait: I thought she worked at the bar where her job was to smash every glass in the bar.
Drive trucks, work at a bar where the rent control skyrockets because all the glasses get break
Makes me so mad that I don't even want to have sex with four prostitutes.
I want to believe.
What I want to know is: where was everybody else in the bar as this was unfolding.
It's on Disney. It's in the Disney vault.
I don't know; they're just watching—watching the glasses break.
Why don't we ask Perine? Hey, Perine, you're from Brooklyn, right? I should jolly well say so!
Well, what you don't know is that they
The Union Jack. In the shape of a silhouette lady.
But, you know, there—there might have been some people—there might have been some people who got some extensive vocal surgeries, you know, as time went on; namely, the police chief to correct his crippling speech impediment.
As the police chief?
Daithzabuōw, you and Sthleepy neehd tho sthop the killingths and the PredAlien. And why dwt we go ask Heihachi Mishima. Heihachi—wat'sht goin' on. Wheyha and the zhao yuu and bhme bee budabheeh goin' on. I'm gonna tdhrow my bhroad in a bholcanode.
The fumes. . . .
That is sound logic: you gotta destroy the village to save it.
Then no more crime!
They don't think anything that she might want vengeance.
What I want to know is: why is she— She knows that the mafia killed her brother. Why isn't step one Kill all of these mafia guys? Literally the exact guy who killed her brother is the one she's been working for who gave her the robot suit. And yet. . . .
Lemme test it out.
She's not even killing cops that were, like, in on the scheme. She's just killing, like
Oh, okay.
There's no way to track—there's no way to track these things in any sort of public registry.
Question number 12:
They give 'erm a bulletproof robot suit and there's no kill switch on it. Their solution to try and stop the bulletproof robot suit is to shoot it with bullets.
Shoot it in the dreadlocks. Nope. Not gonna work.
surely a bullet could go in. But no.
Joel, come on. The mafia would never have access to a flamethrower. They just have experimental prototype robotic suits with shoulder-mounted
Yeah, just make, like, twenty laser cannons.
You gotta have the
didn't have the
IT con
Imbued with the p
It's rhythmic kung-fu gymnastics.
That means you can kill a robot.
Why—why did they spend so much time on the asshole SWAT team guy who wasn't even corrupt and didn't even get his comeuppance?
Yeah, but he was just, like
Red Bull, yeah.
Just shoot
We can write in the report that
It's a rocket. You aim for the f—you aim for the feet and hope the splash damage is what takes him out.
Ja—yeah. You want to get that precision distance work done with that Pancor.
Terry Cruz should add that to his AA-12.
Well, John Sleepy Estes was pretty precise with his nonscoped shotgun in the first episode.
Three shots.
Before he was just ensnared and tied to a bed with multiple chains and broke off with the power of love and rage and anger. That's just Mad Bull. That was then.
You—you have to have a tank!
We love you, Jimmy Wang! (or whatever).
Johnny—Johnny Wong.
We do not pursue!
But yeah. In—in this one the—the PredAlien ends up being, uh, chased to a local church and, um, Sleepy goes in alone.
You thought you had it figured out.
I kept looking at Joel
I kept looking at Joel to say Joel, that such a thing could never, ever happen. Anime would never be so crass as to do that.
For the record Joel's batting average on that was roughly fifty percent.
And cry blood as, you know,
But why? Why would a man have sex with a woman in a church after he already got the milk?
And it's
What is— What are Sleepy's meds?
Yeah—by the power invested in him by the state of New York.
Derringer pistols point-blank.
It wouldn't even penetrate
was a ruse just to kill her in an elaborate way.
This is the most fucked-up way to take out a killer ever! This is some
You can't do this, Sleepy! Stay back, Daizaburō! This is a private matter!
One Wedding and a Funeral—the latest romantic comedy.
And—and, like, laser-sight each other to make sure it's lined up exactly. Okay.
Paint[?] the target.
But—but, Sleepy, you'll die!
All right—I'll do it. Straight through the back of the head as you say.
But if this is justice. . . .
Rub them in.
And the Hooker Black Eye Treatment Center.
This was sexually-transmitted. A sexually-transmitted beating.
If it happens during sex I think it counts as sexual transmission.
Right; he couldn't break her heart—he couldn't break her heart the same way by saying Look, I know you wanna, you know, stop the killings. But if I try to rape you then you'll not kill people anymore; you'll just be kind of downtrodden and unwanted.
The move he could've done when he was piggy-backing her and pretending to be her brother would be, like, Okay, what if I try to, like, you know—you know, pull a move here. . . .
It's not a—it's not another Urban Dictionary—like a dance in the vampire bund.
Yeah— Your man-juices are all just oozing out—
You totally filled me up but now I'm just going to crawl on your back.
I'm gonna ooze all over you.
Crying while masturbating.
Oh, my god—this is so horrible but I can't look away
Or to attempt to rape them.
Yeah—that's how you thaw 'em out.
When did the journey begin for you guys?
With a table!
Exploding coffee cans. Latino cyborg. Pool table.
Nichol the coffee and piss is
Oh, y— That's— The manga scanlations have the shotgun-cats.
I got
Kickstarter. We got
Oh, boy. Well, I got more than that.
about as much as they need.
Well, you know—this—this one had its moments of some stellar chopper-explosion animation. And then some, you know, moments of
Ah, Slleebee—you gotta sthop codtith—codtith and the nitwogwithuwin pweth on Noo Uoy i the sthubwey the Noo Yowk Thcithy, Swlweepy.
It's like picking apples from a tree.
I— Whenever you talk about Tanaka I assume he looks like Daizaburō Eddie Ban. And not like the Tanaka from—I don't know—the Blade anime. Who knows.
I hope— He'd never get fired if he looked like John Sleepy Estes.
So had you ever previously seen Mad Bull prior to Fast Karate Adventure Time?
What about Angel Cop? Was that like
That was a high-content
They showed the grenade jock strap in there.
And that didn't sell you on it. Grenade jock strap?
Doo-doo-doo-do do-do-doo-doo. . . . The 8 Man After synthesizer credits.
No, I mean the song they used was the 8 Man After credits. You know, Deö-deö-deö-döör der-der dö döö-döö-dö-dö.
Priced for keeps.
All right.
The KMFDM with Mad Bull and the grenade jock strap.
That looked kind of sweet. . . .
Was that grenades?
Are his dick—is his dick made out of grenades?
Think about how, like, he had to climb the ladder and, like, the grenades are just clanging together. What if a pin came undone?
He tied them on his pubes one at a time! He threaded the needle!
No, Daizaburō was surprised!
But Sleepy! We'll never get there in time!
We can carry 'em in this bag of potatoes!
Explodes with the power of a thermonuclear warhead.
If he had prosthetic nuts he would grow bitch-tits like Bob. I don't think so. I think he's all muscle. I don't think he's cycling off on getting on the 'roids.
You can't grow that mustache.
The mustache would thin out and fall out if his balls didn't work.
Oh, boy.
It's about that time. Train's about to leave. We'd better, ah, you know, clap in much of the same fashion that the, uh
No, no, I know—I'm just saying we gotta do it in much the same way that a suicide pact goes. You know,
Right: that's what I'm saying.
All right.
On three.
Why? Why didn't you clap in time?
Ye—yeah. It's not the lightning train but they're thinking they're going to upgrade the trains on Amtrak.
Yeah—they need to get more tracks, not more trains.
All right. Well, take care.
Have a sweet Otakons. Been nice seeing you, Joel.
The AWA. Yeah, we'll see how it goes.
Uhm, September. Like, uh, no, September. No, no one's .
That's why people got mad at us last year. . . .
Gah—Artist's Alley table. You ain't selling shit?
Hellooooo. . . .
Bhla-bhah. Wabah-bah-bah.
This will be the Fast Karate episode with the least, uh, plosives going into the mic 'cause we're, like, six feet away from it.
must audio programs.
Is there water available?
Oh, oh!
How did you, ah, how did you scam this? You're, like, We're interviewing a very important guest. You may have heard of him: Akira Toriyama.
ODed on crab cakes.
This room is amazing!
I can't promise shit!
We've just gotta throw somebody .
That was just super-chill.
Rwow—really? Huh. I mean, not that I would've wanted. . . .
I was, like, Maybe after Daryl's panel we'll just record then.
And it was, like, Oh, right—we have an Xbox and nobody is going to tear themselves away from it.
I was, like,
I was, like, Hey—hey, guys! We—we got SoulCalibur II! And Virtu—and Virtual On!
Okay. I—I had one controller.
The, uh,
Yeah—you—you did. You were one of the most solid all night. You had a really good, ah, win–loss ratio.
I mean, that is—that is— You pick your battles. That is the benefit of only playing a couple; just like
Yeah. Well, he was gone.
Yeah—he—he—he was there earlier. Ah, he held his own. I'm pretty proud that I beat everybody at least one match. And I got Dave in—in one round. So I consider that—I consider that a V.
All right: you showed up late.
This is some World Cup shit; like, you play only one game. That's luck.
Ah, so tasty! You should've come.
You were, like, Makoto Shinkai— I mean, we're all up [?] on your Japanese nerd-bone.
That's really rude.
She said We can't handle another brown person.
Well, she thought you might start speaking Afrikayennes.
Mrs.Mrs. Spanky. Now I don't know what to do 'cause he's, like, Yeah, I often go by Spanky in real life.. I'm, like, Okay. All right.
No, I mean, it's—it's just weird because you ordinarily think, like, Okay, I know this person from the Internet; I'm just going to refer to them by their Internet name. But then you—you go, No: I know this person for real now; I have to call them their real name. And he's like, No, just call me my Internet name. And you're, like, You're screwing it up!
Mad Bull?
That's why we got double indemnity. Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Daryl, you steal everything else on the Internet; just steal Windows 7.
That's the one thing that's okay—like, demonstrably okay to steal.
I mean, if—if anything is that's, like, the—the ur-stealing-thing.
Yeah— I mean, do you even have to register mIRC? Come on— Just alway—I mean, I've always just waited thirty seconds. It's like, No, I need to be on the IRC now, not thirty seconds from now!
Oh, really?
Ah, we were rubbing shoulders with, uh, Chicken and Waffles.
Chicken and waffle
You are always invited.
There is no record . . . of this, ah, happening.
Just go. The place is called Hotel Monaco. It's fucking awesome. And it's pretty cheap: uh, most of the stuff is around ten bucks and huge.
Yeah, you like it when it's huge. Giant sausages. Some of the best sausages ever.
In the ATL? I was thinking about it 'cause, ah, Noah—Noah said it's pretty easy to get panels
Is that, ah,
So he's ju—he's just applying the name to everything we've understood in every, like, urban center. Like, chinese food and rib stores just go together, like— We just
Isn't Abdullah the Butcher responsible for, like, ninety percent of the HIV in professional wrestling?
Oh, yeah—it is hepatitis C—sorry.
I mean, wha—
I mean, they're both blood-borne diseases, motherfu— I reme— I saw some video about it where, like, he got[?] himself on other people and smear blood all over the place.
You didn't know in 1995 that you weren't supposed to do that!
We're talking about Mad Bill.
Mad Bill.
Ball Bill. Ma Bill's son, Bad Bill.
Ball Bill and Ma—Mad Bullet Bill had a son.
Stem cells. . . .  In-vitro fertilization. . . .  They found a surrogate.
into the lady. This might work. It might also destroy her from the vagina up. Ah, just in a continuous line.
I think, uh, un—undeniably, characteristically, on all counts: yes.
When you say it's a lateral pass that's because you—you don't understand human emotions, Daryl. You don't understand how it might be crazy that—that someone might marry a killer and then engage in a suicide pact.
What is hu-man?
Daryl, you—you're just secretly—you are wishing that you were on episode 3.
There's only— Love is the only way we can stop the killings.
The PredAlien. But not the
Not the PredAlien
But that alien dog from Alien3. . . . Unstoppable. Love could never stop that.
Charles S. Dutton couldn't.
He's gotta reëducate some of the brothers.
That's who her up from the spaceship in Aliens— Escape pod where they killed all of the other characters on hand[?].
What a dignified death.
But Mad Bull 34. The PredAlien robot suit
Just killing 'em all. Just going after 'em.
He's gotta take the [?] vendetta against John Sleepy Estes.
He just told everybody he was paying for his cancer treatment 'cause he didn't
He did have cancer.
The cancer was fatal; the operations were just to reduce the pain.
It's a very common allergy.
It's more like the end of Rising Sun when they chase that guy into the cement pit.
Yeah— You sold out my brother who was selling drugs and killing people to pay for my gymnastics class!
They were taking a bubble bath together.
That's true.
In the early 1990s that's
Carry me around, John Sleepy Estes. Put on my brother's gun while you're naked.
Listen: they, like all black families in New York, were orphans. And he was the only one looking out for her. All black parents . . . just die.
That's 'cause Mad Bull kills them.
It's important to have common interests. That's the only way to make a relationship work.
Yeah, yeah.
I wasn't expecting the newspaper to allow him to print a picture of his middle finger.
I also appreciate that the spelling of a Japanese English-speaker, ah, animating John Sleepy Estes's threats to the roboPredAlien are probably about accurate to John Sleepy Estes's level of literacy.
Exclamation points? Like, oh, yeah, yeah. It's 'cause they're Japanese keyboard.
But, oh, yeah, yeah—like, to type those twenty or thirty characters it was, like, chukka-chukka-chukka-chukka-chukka chukka-chukka chukka-chukka-chukkachuk— The keyboard just kept going. And then you hear the typewriter, like, clang back.
Ah, I'm a police officer and I'm going to be on this corner.
Yeah—statistically you've got a pretty good chance.
Yeah, oh, man, the worst case of blue balls in the world.
Daizaburō, ah, you'll probably be fine[?].
Yeah, I know. That he took the t— That he took the time to get dressed in saving his friend was a little disappointing.
It's also kind of horrific that Daizaburō has to wait outside while he has sex with prostitutes.
I might not want to go inside but I might go for a coffee.
Or just invite him next door! And he's, like, Daizaburō, I run this whole whorehouse. Take your pick.
Yeah. And he was, like, Ah, Sleepy, I only believe in true love!
He's getting that prepackaged danish. This looks good. . . .  Four hundred calories. . . .
Ah, your pussy's so tight.
Yeah—his hat.
I wonder how much someone got paid to say that. Or if they just would have done it for free. It's, like,
You're boning down on this girl. . . .
I don't think she'd be thinking about
You—you underestimate the ability of the vagina to bounce back, Joel. It's a resilient—it's a magical piece of work.
We know it can handle a baby arm.
That's his penis.
Of course they do! 'Cause they saw the movie and that's responsible for the really—like, the—the downfall of New York City in the Eighties and then the eventual swell was— Guiliani proposed—I guess maybe that's the Nineties— He was, like, All this crime
Well, 'cause, I mean, it was planned in advance.
It's yet to be revealed that the PredAlien is not Kevin Murphy, a.k.a. Robocop, ah, but Kevin Murphy's daughter, for whom
It's the same—it's the same [worse?].
Well, there—there's a different power dynamic.
But it's
You pass a certain threshold and it just all becomes kind of the same.
It's, like, lose an arm, lose two arms, like. . . . One's demonstrably worse 'cause then you have to learn how to masturbate with your feet.
But I mean, one arm still isn't ideal. Certainly not preferred.
But we learned that the—the dreadlocks from the PredAlien
Yeah, the dreadlocks from the PredAlien are real dreadlocks. 'Cause this is a mochaccino.
Yeah, I guess, I mean, they are just braids but. . . .
Yeah, cosplay as this insane incestuous murderer. Black Sakura. Like, vaguely black Sakura. Like,
was out in the sun too long. Put her on the defrost in the microwave.
Listen: they all just have to be Casca and none of them have seen Berserk.
Spoilers. . . .
Aaah, my god—spoilers!
It's . . . just. . . . Entropy.
It seems that her plan by driving the eighteen-wheeler filled with jet fuel is that they would not try and snipe her because they might hit the jet fuel.
It's completely impervious. It's impervious but
It's actually for the—the jet pack; you gotta plug that jet-fuel line into it and you can only fly connected to the hose.
She's like, No—oh, shit! I'm gonna be late!
The rent
The rent is too damn high.
And works at a bar.
I spent 300,000 dollars on your gymnastics tutelage.
Well, it's kinda the same revelation 'cause it's like, Why are all these people getting murdered? It makes me so mad.
That does
All those innocent cops? Not a problem. I can't get my boner up? Really an issue.
I mean, we know that there are host—hostess bars in New York.
Yeeaaaaaaaahhhhh. . . .
Daryl says: What—what I want to know is: where's the Fox and the Hound?
Does my plane have a layover?
So how long is that skirt? Three-and-a-half inches? Like. . . .
So where is everybody else in the bar?
There's a lot of gla—there's a lot of bars in New York City. They can't all be full.
Yeah, well, yeah, they saw him—they saw him break the glass and then glr—grind the glass into his hand. And they were, like, Well, maybe we'll drink somewhere else.
Daizaburō! Why can't I get a boner?
I don't know, Sleepy!
Pip-pip! Quite right.
Well, she's—I mean, she's only—she's only in it for five seconds anyway.
Yeah—they played it back to her.
Yeah, Just talk. It's too late to change her out now.
They just painted in an English flag.
Daizaburō, I have a story to tell you. I have a confession to make.
You want to—  So we went to watch Tekken. Every character in Tekken had the same lip-flap animation as that voi—as the police chief.
They said about six things—blabhblabllbllablblblbh—like, just kept going.
Hey, gasoline—stop this fire! Maybe we just throw this barrel of gasoline on top of the fire and it'll smother it out.
We just—we just gotta make the fire big enough that it eats up all the oxygen.
The oxygen is everybody who lives in New York.
If we kill everybody who lives in New York there's nobody left to murder. Then the PredAlien turns on herself. The only one left to kill is me!
But then the knife can't penetrate the armor. . . .
You can imagine how much moonshine they can make with the robot bodyguard.
Well, okay. The reason they gave her the robot suit
Revenge complete. That was easy.
Well, the mafia gave her the suit 'cause it's like a Burrows-and-Scofield scenario. They didn't know they were brothers 'cause they had different last names and no access to Google.
Did weDid we kills anyones youz knows?
To shoot it with bullets.
If there's a way for her braids to get out of that suit. . . .
Well, she
Just hold the laser cannon!
I mean, with the way that laser cannon works—it's about this big. It's about as big as, like, a package of hot dogs. Like, just instead of making a whole robot suit just give, like, fifty guys laser cannons.
That's the only way. It's—it's Bubblegum Crisis.
It's only—the only people who
The only people who have the moves are gymnasts, punk-rock stars, and—yeah—IT consultants who eat too much cake. Ah, that one was kind of a flub, but. . . .
Joel, you gotta loo—you gotta work hard to look good in lingerie.
Touch your toes in this robot suit.
Yeah. But he— 'Cause they
I mean, clearly. 'Cause, well, if—who else but one without a heart would shoot John Sleepy Estes with a rocket launcher?
He was, like, Just shoot and you'll be fine.
He's just going to rocket-jump up to the helicopter—up and through it.
scopic scopes
I'll tell what you what else he was precise with: his wing-dang-doodle.
'Cause love is the only way we can stop the killings.
'Cause before it was just regular.
Johnny—Johnny Wong—Johnny Wong.
Wicked City scenario. . . . Total Wicked City scenario.
Daryl's a master of subterfuge. 'Cause you can't tell if he's saying no or yes. It'll never do that.[?]
And is this
Is this statue of the Virgin Mary going to burst into a tentacled monster? 'Cause I need to know.
Yeah. Somebody's gonna be wrapped up in a sheet which we don't know where it came from. . . . We're going to have sex in a church.
'Cause love is the only way to stop the killings.
Suicide pact: all right: we're going to pull the triggers at the same time.
Yeah, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday's are full. . . .
But the rest of the cops are standing there ineffectually as Sleepy says, This is— She killed everybody. We're going to get married. Daizaburō, you have to officiate.
By the state of New York.
Which— It's like a ship captain. You're allowed.
This one's for you. This one's for me.
I—I at least—at least appreciate Mad Bull that the reveal was not that the planned double-suicide was just so he could kill her in a sadistic fashion.
Daizaburō and Perine don't do shit! Sleepy—you can't do it!
We're now husband and wife! Fifth Amendment!
Yeah, it's the
One wedding and one funeral.
Daizaburō's got the laser targetting. All right, Daizaburō— both of us!
Just do it, Daizaburō! And take my body to the whorehouse. You know what it likes!
Scatter my ashes all over her boobies.
And then record it and sell it on the black market and then donate all the proceeds to the hooker STD fund.
And then beat up the hooker and steal her money and donate all those proceeds to the hooker STD fund.
He's got a heart of gold. Now you're the hooker with the heart of a .
Yeah, he should have done the same thing. He's, like, Sleepy never goes the same path— I'm like a shark; I just gotta keep moving.
Yeah—riding around piggy-back— Wai—  Daryl, piggy-back is not a bizarre sexual move; that is what they were doing.
Maybe it is now; or should be.
And she says, Sleepy, you're naked. . . . We just had sex. . . . You're carrying me around like my brother used to.
holster just like he used to wear.
Daizaburō, what do you think? He's standing in the corner, watching.
Oh, no, Sleepy!
Daizaburō, I'm gonna make you a man!
How are you ever going to love Perine if you don't know how to get it done?
Been a crazy couple of years.
Ah, between 1—1 and 2: relatively quick. 2 and 3? We needed a lot of cool-down time. 'Cause after you see a cyborg get decapitated. . . .
We need— That's actually—that's— The—the podcast was infrequent in that year because we went to the Himalayas to pray. And study our sexu—our spirituality.
I was convinced that the PredAlien was Nichols the Electrician. I thought that they were gonna bring him back.
We didn't even get to see the shotgun-cats that I read about in Wikipedia.
There's still time! How much money do we have?
All right—I got—I got—fifty-five dollars and, um, and my lucky dollar.
If we all invested that we'd have as many as two hundred dollars with which to fund the production of a new Mad Bull anime.
We'll just get Kazuo Koike to draw it in his basement.
And then it just stops.
Halfway through, like. . . .
Well, just. . . . I mean, at first he was animating Disney cels. . . .
Says it can't be unseen. Daizaburō!
He swears he can hear Sleepy when he closes his eyes.
Well—well, maybe Tanaka actually looks like John Sleepy Estes.
Never. He couldn't.
No. We had heard about it from your guys's podcast.
No, Angel Cop I owned 'cause it was—it was on DVD.
Yeah, I guess I did see that.
So I guess I was aware of Mad Bull but I didn't really know what it was.
Doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo. . . .
That's—that's Streamline.
Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. . . .
Bwwwwaanwwwaawwwwwn-aaanwwwwaannawwwwwwanng. . . .
Yeah, there—there was a trailer for KMFDM.
It's actually— I—I guess I kind of remember seeing Mad Bull in that trailer and being, like, That's kind of cool[?]. . . .
Was that his balls?
Yeah, that's X-Men assemble!
Dude, seriously. . . . That package is so big nobody could tell the difference.
He's All right. . . . Slowwllly. . . .
lace my pubes into these grenades!
Daizaburō—this might be the inception of sexual harrassment! It's the 1980s so it hasn't been invented yet!
That's wh—that would have been the reveal in Mad Bull episode 5. That his balls were just actually
Come on: as many times as he's been shot you know he's got a pair of prosthetic nuts. There's nothing in his body that's original.
We have—I mean, we have seen him without his shirt on so I think that can be confirmed. That John Sleepy Estes is— He's a specimen of man.
Like—like Mario hi—the mustache represents his smile.
Yeah. It's—it's roll-out time.
It's been real.
Let do it—even though there's—even though there's no
Listen: the suicide pact is like our clapping.
All right: let's do it.
We did it! We did it!
Lightning train!?
You—you're taking the Acela?
The Acela, yeah, is crazy-expensive.
Yeah—let's rock and roll— Well, you have— I mean, we gotta go to the hotel to get all our shit.
Been real, guys.